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Our Comprehensive Approach

Our experience will benefit you and those affected by your pain, including your family, your employer, and those who depend on you and care about you. Our pain specialists perform a comprehensive history and physical on each new patient. The use of neurological testing, lab screening, radiologic examinations, and/or behavioral assessments allow us to better diagnose the possible causes of your pain, and then provide treatments specific to the source of the problem.

An Integrated Team

Our multidisciplinary approach may include referrals for physical therapy, psychological counseling, surgical evaluation, occupational therapy or home health care. We work closely with your primary care physician and other physician specialists, insurers, and case managers to coordinate your care. Referring physicians receive a detailed care plan and recommendations for treatment, and patients are returned to their care following treatment. We provide these general services and are continually developing additional treatment options.

Manage Your Pain

We are committed to working with you on the pain-related issues that matter to you most. We understand that your pain affects not only you, but those around you as well. Dealing with chronic pain can be very challenging and at times it may even seem hopeless to try.

Our Wellness Program treatment professionals are dedicated to helping patients minimize and overcome the cognitive, emotional and neurochemical barriers created by pain. We listen to and understand the life-disrupting effect your pain has had on you. We will assist you in developing coping strategies that are personally meaningful, and help change the way you respond to and manage your pain. You deserve to live a life that is fulfilling.