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Pete T. McCunniff, MD


Spine Surgeries

  • Fellowship-trained Spine Surgeon at The Pain Center
  • Focused on minimally invasive spine surgery techniques for all areas of the spine 
  • Dedicated to the growth of The Pain Center as a leader in comprehensive spine care
  • Mentored by both Orthopedic and Neurosurgical spine surgeons

Awards & Affiliations

North American Spine Society Member
AO Spine Member
Mt. Sinai Barry Friedman Orthopaedic Research Award – 1st place, May 2017
Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Association 2017 Vernon L. Nickel Award Winner

Get to Know

Pete T. McCunniff, MD

Pete McCunniff, MD, works as an Orthopedic Surgery Specialist for The Pain Center of Arizona with over nine years of experience in his field. Dr. McCunniff graduated from the University of Iowa Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine. He completed his residency at Case Western Reserve in Cleveland, OH. He also participated in a year-long fellowship training at the Spine Institute of Arizona centered around minimally invasive spine surgery techniques and treatments.

Patient Testimonials

Dr. McCunniff is a terrific surgeon. Knowledgeable, sensitive, and informative… I immediately felt at ease and felt confident in my receiving expert medical care. All of the staff was great too– they were helpful, patient and helped with my insurance. I walked away, very impressed with the overall experience. HIGHLY recommend.

I feel blessed that Dr. Peter Mc Cunniff was available to me when I needed spine surgery..He is kind and compassionate.. His communication skills are excellent..Right before my surgery he was talking with my husband about what would be happening during surgery, right after surgery communicating with my husband as well as with my daughter..During my recovery at home he made a house call to check up on me.. pretty much unheard of these days! I give Dr Peter the highest reviews!

Amazing! I suffered 4 months of sciatic leg pain, multiple epidural injection’s and no relief due to a herniated disk. During July, Dr. McCunniff performed a surgical lumbar procedure to relieve the pressure on my nerve. When I awoke from surgery and stood up my pain was completely gone and remains so. I’m still amazed at my results and the professionalism and abilities of Dr McCunniff and his surgical team.

Dr. McCunniff‘s Story

Originally from Waterloo, Iowa, Dr. McCunniff has called the Valley his home for the past four years.

Following his residency and fellowship at Case Western Reserve and the Spine Institute of Arizona, Dr. McCunniff went on to work in the specialized field of orthopedics. Fast forward to today, he has over nine years of experience, more than 20 publications, and over 50 citations.

Dr. McCunniff is dedicated to continuing The Pain Center’s comprehensive spine care program. He’s incredibly passionate about this practice because it is one of the only in existence set up to meet the diverse care needs of all patients under one roof. Likewise, he plans to continue collaborating with the field to improve the techniques and tools of spine procedures. 

His passion lies in treating others with equal respect and showing interest in the lives of those around him. As much as he enjoys his job and getting to help patients at The Pain Center, Dr. McCunniff never turns down an opportunity to spend time with his loved ones.

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