Matthew W. Doust, MD

Matthew W. Doust, MD
Dr. Matthew W. Doust, MD

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The study included a multi-center, randomized controlled trial, comparing spinal cord stimulation with aggressive medical management in refractory angina. In addition, Dr. Doust is actively involved in several professional organizations, which include: American Society of Anesthesia, American Society of Regional Anesthesia, American Medical Association, and Olmsted County Medical Society. Dr. Doust has made numerous presentations related to pain and its treatment.

Dr. Matthew Doust trained in all areas and techniques of pain medicine including physical medicine and diagnosis, medication management, spinal injection techniques, sympathetic blockade, spinal cord stimulation, intrathecal drug delivery system, radiofrequency ablation, IDET, and cancer pain management. Throughout his residency at the Mayo Clinic, he participated in comprehensive anesthesia training in both regional and general anesthesia for all surgical disciplines as well.

Was there any inspirational doctor or mentor that you had?
The doctors that I work with here at The Pain Center are my inspiration. We each do things differently looking for the same great result for our patients. Dr. Siwek has been a source of inspiration for all of us.

What do you like about treating patients with pain?
I enjoy working with patients to improve their ability to function and quality of life. I typically see patients enough to get to know them and their families personally and help them get back into life both at home and work.

What are you most excited about working for The Pain Center?
Everything. The patient's and staff that we have here make coming to work enjoyable and rewarding. Having visiting Mayo Clinic Fellows and working with Hope Research to offer patient's new and emerging therapies continues to excite me and offers our patients a unique found only here at The Pain Center.

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