Vertiflex Superion Implant

Vertiflex Superion Implant

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The FDA recently approved a new treatment option called The Superion ® Indirect Decompression System (IDS) for patients suffering from moderate lumbar spinal stenosis. This minimally invasive procedure is often recommended to patients who have not experienced adequate pain relief from conservative and interventional therapies for at least six months. The Superion implant is unique because it comes in different sizes to accommodate the patient’s spine anatomy. Moreover, it’s designed to prevent the nerves around the spine from pinching together. This procedure is simple to perform and can be completed in under one hour. To learn more about this unique procedure, talk to a physician at The Pain Center today. 

The first step in treating your pain is to get an accurate diagnosis of the cause of your symptoms. Based on your diagnosis, you and your doctor can determine your best treatment options. At The Pain Center, we offer traditional and state-of-the-art therapies to treat your pain and help get you back to your normal activities.

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