The Pain Center puts a heavy emphasis on in-depth diagnostic evaluations, highly integrated physician teams, and multidisciplinary treatments.

Back Pain Causes
Every medical practice or healthcare system begins as an idea. Over time, that idea becomes a reality; paving the way for new processes and discoveries alike. When you consider the inner workings of the healthcare system today, it may be fascinating to explore how mankind was capable of developing such a robust system in the first place. Moreover, that the medical cornerstones of our communities flourish from the minds of individuals who dedicate their lives to helping others: physicians.
Much like the embodiment of the healthcare industry, our story didn’t just begin in 2002 when The Pain Center of Arizona was officially established – the seed was planted decades before. The humble beginnings of The Pain Center can be traced back to Dr. Steven Siwek, a hardworking man who felt a distinct calling to help people in pain. His journey was never easy, but his persistence and confidence allowed him to pursue an audacious dream: build an integrated healthcare solution. The application of this dream has looked different throughout his career – from driving an ambulance and working as an orderly at a hospital to owning and operating a hospital; from going to medical school in a developing country to founding and leading one of the largest pain management practices in the country; Simply stated, Dr. Siwek has worked tirelessly and passionately to help chronic pain patients find hope and healing.
The Pain Center

It’s with these experiences that Dr. Siwek, his committed leadership team, and top-notch medical and non-medical staff presents The Pain Center. A new name, brand, and website that highlights the practice's ten Arizona locations, as well as the many board certified physicians that are now a part of this healthcare alliance. The Pain Center has been a pain management leader in the Valley for more than 15 years, and we have been fortunate to earn the trust and accolades of Arizonans for years. Dr. Siwek’s vision for an integrated healthcare solution is truly taking shape at The Pain Center, and we hope you will join us in our mission to encourage patients across the country to Get Back Into LifeTM.