Steven Adler, PA-C

Steven Adler, PA-C
Steven Adler, PA-C

Steven Adler, PA-C can be seen at the following clinics:



Steven Adler has participated in many professional services as well as several presentations relating to the treatment of pain.

Prior to joining the strong team at The Pain Center, Steven gained experience assisting Orthopedic Surgeons. His responsibilities included diagnosis and treatment of lumbar and general orthopedic patients, assisting surgically and medically in the operating room and clinic, supervising and training medical students and Physician Assistants.

Additionally, Steven is affiliated with the American Academy of Physician Assistant, Arizona State Association of Physician Assistants, and American Academy of Minimally Invasive Spinal Medicine and Surgery.

Included in his accomplishments, Steven Adler served as a Preceptor at Midwestern University, Arizona School of Health Sciences, Phoenix Baptist Hospital Residency Program, Mesa General Residency Program, and Western University. As a continuation of his professional services, Steven evaluated and examined pediatric orthopedic presentations at The Shriner's Clinic and has conducted pre-athletic physicals at Phoenix Union/Glendale Union High School District and Pop Warner Northeast Association. Steven Adler continues to present on the topics of pain and its treatment.