Rick Allen, PA-C

Rick Allen, PA-C
Rick Allen, PA-C

Rick Allen, PA-C can be seen at the following clinics:



Rick has a strong background in neurology and pain and has lectured on various topics related to neurology and pain to medical communities and patient groups. Rick is also affiliated with the American Academy of Physician Assistant and Arizona State Association of Physicians Assistants. His responsibilities at The Pain Center include medication management as well as injection-based therapies.

Rick Allen is a humorist, freelance writer and healthcare practitioner. Rick's first novel Proctology Treasure, was well received and introduced his offbeat sense of humor to his ever-growing number of readers. The Disoriented Dutchman's Gold Mine is sure to be treasured by them as well as Lost Dutchman fans everywhere. He currently resides in Chandler, Arizona, with his wife and four children. Please click on the link below to see Rick's novels.