Ramoun D. Jones, MD

Ramoun D. Jones, MD
Dr. Ramoun D. Jones, MD

Ramoun D. Jones, MD can be seen at the following clinics:



Dr. Jones has made numerous presentations related to cancer and non-cancer pain and it's treatment. Dr. Jones has lectured on many topics that include: SCS, Intrathecal Pump Management, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, Celiac Plexus Block, Phantom Limb Pain, and his abilities include Kyphoplasty and Vertebrolplasty for compression fractures due to multiple myeloma and osteoporosis, Intrathecal Pump Placement, and SACS.

What are you most excited about in working for The Pain Center?
I enjoy the teamwork and appreciate the opportunity to work with a great staff here at TPC. I have fun with my team and enjoy the opportunity to help patients get back into life.

What do you like about treating patients with pain?
The most rewarding thing about treating patients with pain is the ability to help those patients who have been in pain for a long time. I love when I am able to help take that pain away and improve their quality of life.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of the office?
I love spending time with the family when I am not working. I am a basketball fan and look forward to getting out to a Sun's game.

Were there inspirational doctors or mentors that you've had?
My pain medicine training was at MD Anderson Cancer Hospital where I trained under my mentor, Dr. Allen W. Burton, MD.