Jennifer Okidegbe, FNP

Jennifer Okidegbe, FNP
Jennifer Okidegbe, FNP

Jennifer Okidegbe, FNP can be seen at the following clinics:



Jennifer enjoys being a nurse, having trained under inspirational medical professionals like Dr. Margaret Pharris, PhD, who was her nursing professor at the University of Phoenix. Dr. Pharris is a knowledgeable and compassionate woman who co-edited the 2008 book Transforming Nursing Education: The Culturally Inclusive Environment

For Jennifer, the most rewarding part of treating patients is watching them go from very little functional activity to gaining the most optimal function after treatment has been initiated. Jennifer loves watching patients return to normal daily activity activities, or as close to normal as possible.

In recent months, Jennifer has served as a preceptor/mentor to postgraduate nursing students. She thoroughly enjoys being a part of the growth and development of future healthcare workers.

When Jennifer isn't treating patients, she enjoys spending time with her family and newborn son. She also loves attending Zumba classes and reading a good book.