J. Gabriel Tsang, MD

J. Gabriel Tsang, MD
Dr. J. Gabriel Tsang, MD

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Dr. Tsang graduated from The University of Sydney, NSW, Australia and completed his residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. He then completed fellowship training in pain management at the prestigious MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas before coming to Arizona.

Were there any inspirational doctors or mentors you have worked with?
I have been blessed to come across many excellent physicians during my training. They have all been exceptional clinicians. What set them apart was their dedication and approach to patients. Everyone is treated with honesty, kindness, and respect; I try to model my practice this way as well.

What do you like about treating patients with chronic pain?
The satisfaction associated with helping patients regain control of their lives. Chronic pain is not just a physical phenomenon, but one that can deeply affect the mental state as well. I want my patients to be able to gain independence from their pain and not let it define who they are. This allows them to get back to enjoying the things they love.

What are you most excited about in working for The Pain Center?
Being able to work with a group of like-minded health care professionals who are dedicated to providing high-quality care to patients. The Pain Center of Arizona is a well-established group with reputation of excellence in healthcare. With this team, I have the support to deliver the best care possible.

Dr. Tsang has held membership and leadership positions in a variety of community and educational groups and is active in medical research and publication. In his spare time, Dr. Tsang enjoys martial arts, zoology, and staying active.