Patient Advocate

Dear Patients,

Thank you for entrusting your healthcare needs to the pain care specialists at The Pain Center.

While opioid dependence and abuse are significant health issues, our specialists recognize that many chronic pain sufferers are in genuine need of opioids.

As a practice, we are careful in how we prescribe opioids. Every patient is screened prior to receiving a prescription. Prescriptions are not refilled until a consultation has been performed, and the prescriptions themselves are limited in quantity and dosage.

We welcome your feedback on your experience at The Pain Center. If you choose to write an online review, we hope that you evaluate our performance in areas such as timeliness, helpfulness and cleanliness, and not whether or not you were able to receive opioids. Note that we cannot respond to positive or negative online reviews due to patient privacy laws.

So we can better understand your complaint, we ask patients who had a poor experience with us to contact:

Cathy Hardesty

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at


The Pain Center