Quality of Life Scale for Pain

Quality of Life Scale for Pain

Those who are in
chronic pain can attest to the fact that chronic pain takes a toll on their
quality of life. This is often true whether the pain is due to cancer,
shingles, arthritis, injury, or any other cause.  This is where a quality of life scale for pain
comes in handy.

A quality of
life scale is one tool that can help a pain management specialist, such as the
ones here at The Pain Center of Arizona, assess pain. This same scale can help patients
and their doctors monitor improvement, deterioration, or treatment-related

The Quality of
Life Scale: A Measure of Function for People With Pain was developed by the
American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA). When first seeking treatment for
pain, completing this pain questionnaire provides a doctor a baseline of their
patient's pain. It shows how pain affects a patient in several ways:

Ability to work

Ability to socialize

Ability to

Ability to
perform household chores


Patients are
often asked to rank their quality of life on a scale of zero (non-functioning)
to 10 (normal quality of life). For example, a 0 might indicate lying in bed
all day and feeling hopeless about life, where a 7 might mean working or
volunteer a few hours each day, and a 10 indicates working every day and carrying
on a social life.

A doctor may ask
a patient to repeat the Quality of Life Scale during the course of their
treatment. It will help the health care team evaluate how well the treatment
plan is working and determine if it needs to be revised.

The Quality of
Life Scale is just one tool a doctor uses to help manage a patient's pain. A
Pain Diary is another tool that enables a pain management specialist to profile
a patient's pain and manage it. For the pain diary, patients are asked to log
where the pain is, how severe it is, what they were doing when it started or
worsened, and whether they used medicine or other treatments.

Treating chronic
pain can be a challenge, but patients can help their doctors by providing an
accurate picture of their pain and its impact on their life from one visit to the

If you suffer from chronic pain due to any condition or
injury, find hope at The Pain Center of Arizona! Our dedicated team of board
certified pain management physicians will work with you to treat your pain,
increase your functionality and quality of life, and get you back into life! We
have locations across Arizona, including Phoenix, Anthem, Surprise, Mesa,
Gilbert, Deer Valley, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, and now Prescott and Tucson!
We take multiple insurance plans; click here
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getting back into life, call us today at 1-888-PAINCENTER. We hope to see you

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