Focusing On The Feet To Relieve Back Pain

Focusing On The Feet To Relieve Back Pain

The spine is responsible for holding up the body, but it does not act alone. Many factors can influence the position of the spine: excess weight, knee position, the feet, and many more! These factors can cause the spine to shift into an irregular position and cause low back pain, but the good news is that many factors are correctable, and the feet are a great example of how effective this can be.

The feet have over 100 muscles, but when you walk or stand, you may not be using all of the muscles that you should. Some individuals walk with their feet caving in or pointing out to compensate for all of the muscles not being engaged. However, this may be due to anatomy, as some people have high arches or flat feet that may contribute to this effect. If the feet are misaligned, body weight around the ankles, knees, and hips can shift into misalignment, resulting in poor posture. This is known as the kinetic chain.

Low back pain may begin with a condition such as sciatica, plantar fasciitis, degenerative disc disease, or countless others, but if the patient also experiences ankle pain, has bunions, or balancing problems, it may be a good idea to look at the feet as a contributing factor to the pain in the lumbar spine. The Pain Center of Arizona physicians may recommend custom orthotics that can be worn inside the shoes to correct the position of the foot. Patients can be referred to a podiatrist, but they may be able to use gel insoles that match their specific type of foot if the problem is not severe.

Our physicians note that while patients have reported feeling pain relief with the use of foot orthotics, they often are not the only step that needs to be taken for the most beneficial management of symptoms. The Pain Center of Arizona offers a variety of personalized low back pain treatments including medications, soothing spinal injections, and electrotherapy techniques to help patients manage and treat the source of pain. We believe in using a multi-disciplinary approach, so if you believe your feet are adding to your back pain, let your physician know and he or she may recommend adding foot care to your pain management treatment. 

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