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Personal Injury Care
To schedule a chiropractic or personal injury appointment, please call: (623) 241-6134
Chiropractic and Personal Injury Care
Sponsored by The Pain Center of Arizona

Chiropractic and Personal Injury Care sponsored by The Pain Center of Arizona offers an unparalleled patient experience that focuses on immediate attention to the condition or injury. Our approach of integrated care provides rapid improvement in the level of functioning and offers an optimal opportunity for an improved quality of life and return to work.


Evaluations and Treatment begin on the first visit
  • Same Day Appointments
  • Flexible Appointment Times including Saturdays
  • Accessible Locations throughout Arizona
  • No Out of Pocket Costs

Chiropractic and Personal Injury Care sponsored by The Pain Center of Arizona consists of immediately available diagnostic options and treatment therapies with the goal of helping patients who have suffered accident related injuries return to their pre-accident functionality. Through an organized and coordinated treatment cycle, patients receive a comprehensive Care Plan detailed for their specific condition or accident related injury.


Program Steps
  1. Evaluation and Consultation
  2. Focused Injury Case History
  3. Comprehensive Diagnostic Testing and Examination
  4. Assessment and Diagnosis
  5. Treatment Plan Development
  6. Same Day Care
  7. Delivery of Visit Reports and Progress Summary


Coordination of Care and Accessible Medical Records
Our team is committed to ensuring efficient communications between the healthcare team, the patient, and all other entities relevant to the management of each unique client.


Begin with an End in Mind

The Chriopractic and Personal Injury Care program offers the highest quality of coordinated care and a flexible and immediately accessible scheduling network. Our goal is to return patients to their pre-condition or pre-accident lifestyle as quickly as possible. Our unique programs are designed with specific goals in mind and with anticipated outcomes set on optimal functionality for each patient.