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Erasing Memories for Pain Relief
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While chronic pain is still a fairly new aspect of medicine, it has been recognized for some time now that the brain plays a large part in how the body perceives pain and the experience thereof. The pain management doctors at The Pain Center of Arizona understand this link, and offer behavioral therapy to help with the mind-body link, as well as other therapies and treatments that may help their patients achieve a higher level of functioning and better quality of life. Even so, there are often medical advances that push the envelope toward "rewiring" the way the brain experiences pain and its accompanying experience.
Anatomy and Common Pain Conditions of the Hip
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As the body ages, the weight bearing joints begin to break down because of the natural processes of the body and age. With this break down, the cartilage in the joints will begin to deteriorate, making that particular joint far more susceptible to breaking. The hip is a common joint that fractures or develops chronic pain in the geriatric age groups. This is due to a variety of factors, some of which are arthritis, obesity, trauma, or simply due to weakness in the joint. At The Pain Center of Arizona, the pain management doctors are able to provide a variety of treatments and alternative therapies that can help with chronic hip pain.
The Natural Advancement of Pain Management
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According to recent statistics, over 50 million Americans live with chronic pain, with over half unable to find or receive adequate pain management care. At The Pain Center of Arizona, our double board certified pain doctors are dedicated to alleviating the pain of their patients, restoring their hope and their quality of life. Many who suffer from chronic pain truly live difficult lives, riddled with daily pain and its side effects, including depression, insomnia, and anxiety. While The Pain Center of Arizona and other private pain practice exist only to help those with chronic pain, it was not always so.
Benefits of Clinical Research
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At The Pain Center of Arizona, each of our double board certified pain doctors are active in research and clinical trials. Taking part in clinical trials and medical research not only benefit the patients at The Pain Center, but also the population at large. Clinical trials are implemented to not only test devices, procedures, and medications but to also advance the science of medicine.
Chronic Pain Gene Identified
By Administrator on Dec 15, 2011. Comments (0)
The way chronic pain is understood is constantly evolving as medicine and technology advance. The Pain Center of Arizona is consistently on the forefront of medical breakthroughs and takes part in major clinical research trials. One of the most beneficial facets of medical research is the ability to bring new information to patients and other physicians to help them treat their patients. The link between chronic pain and genetics has been studied for a number of years. Scientists continue to look for a genetic reason why some people suffer from pain more than others. Recently, a breakthrough has been made in the role genetics plays in chronic pain and how pain is perceived.
Why It's Important to be Your Own Pain Advocate
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The pain doctors at The Pain Center of Arizona work as a cohesive team with one goal in mind: to get their patients back into life. Simple sounding, this goal is actually sometimes a mountainous task, mostly due to the fact that pain is so complex and so highly individualized that every single case is different. The treatments that may have worked for the last pain patient may not work for the next one. Because of this, the pain management doctors at The Pain Center of Arizona work tirelessly to not only treat chronic pain symptoms but to also empower their patients with the tools they need to be successful in fighting their chronic pain.
A Gene That Directs Pain?
By Admin on Aug 05, 2010. Comments (1)

Researchers Close To Chromosome That Affects Pain

For the first time in history, a gene within our bodies may have been found that links directly to how susceptible we all are to chronic pain. The research findings were recently published in Genome Research, an international, peer-reviewed journal.
American Scientists Awarded For Pain Management Research
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Two American Scientists Praised For Pain Work

Pain relief and pain management is more than a study, more than a specialty; it’s a passion and a science. While the research and the brains behind pain management doesn’t get a lot of attention from local and national media, it’s a competitive and incredibly progressive field.
NFL Players Donating Their Brains. Seriously.
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NFL Players Donating Brains and Spinal Cord Tissue

The Super Bowl is just around the corner, and with that talk of football and commercials always tops Google. This year, however, something else is topping Google that football fans are taking some interest in. Concussions and brain donations are pulling everyone’s attention this week, and for good reason.

Why Does Light Worsen Your Migraines?
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New Migraine Headache Research Results

Migraines and the study of chronic headaches are in the news yet again today. It seems that more and more people are suffering from migraine headaches, and more physicians are looking for solutions. Recent studies have shown results that are peeking everyone’s interests, and with these results has come grants and money to continue migraine headache research.