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The Benefits of a Foam Roller
By Administrator on Sep 17, 2014. Comments (0)
Recent research shows foam-roller therapy to be a viable treatment option for people with myofascial pain and sports injury complications. According to researchers, foam rollers assist in breaking up tight muscles and connective tissues (fascia) in an easy and efficient manner.
Differences In Over The Counter Medicines For Chronic Pain
By Administrator on Sep 15, 2014. Comments (0)
We’ve all been there—you’re in pain and you reach for the medicine cabinet instead of the phone to schedule a doctor’s appointment. While unnecessary doctor’s appointments are just that, unnecessary, we want to make sure our patients are getting the right care from the over the counter pain (OTC) relievers they take at home. If you do not have pain relief from OTC pain relievers, contact The Pain Center of Arizona to speak with one of our specialists.
Naturally Relieve Sore Muscles After Your Workout
By Administrator on Sep 10, 2014. Comments (0)
Pain that is described as acute means mild discomfort that lasts only momentarily, for a couple of weeks, but no longer than three months. After three months of pain, it is considered chronic. Acute pain may develop after stubbing your toe, tripping and falling, or having sore muscles after a workout.
Fruits, Vegetables, and Chronic Pain Relief
By Administrator on Sep 08, 2014. Comments (0)
September is “Fruits and Veggies—More Matters Month.” At The Pain Center of Arizona, our specialists are committed to more than finding pain relief strategies for your chronic condition; we are committed to giving you your life back. Chronic pain affects so much more than just your physical wellbeing, and pain sufferers can trust The Pain Center to help them along their pain relief journey.
Cracking the Case: Does Cracking Your Knuckles Lead to Arthritis?
By Administrator on Sep 03, 2014. Comments (0)
Many do it because of habit, others because it feels good. Some find the sound of knuckle cracking annoying or skeevy. We’re talking about cracking your knuckles. If you are one of the millions of people who find this habit ‘releasing’ or relaxing, you’ve probably had your mother tell you, “Stop cracking your knuckles!” Many people over the years have presumed that this action leads to arthritis, and we’re here to uncover the truth about this age-old belief.
Do I Need An MRI Scan For My Chronic Pain?
By Administrator on Sep 01, 2014. Comments (0)
The development of the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machine greatly revolutionized the treatment of chronic pain—specifically low back pain. Usually, an MRI scan is administered to confirm what physicians believe to be the reason for a patient’s pain. It can also be used for surgical planning such as a spinal fusion. An MRI scan can be a crucial part in planning chronic pain treatment, however, it is not always necessary.
Current Research in Chronic Pain Treatment
By Administrator on Aug 27, 2014. Comments (0)
Chronic pain treatments have undoubtedly evolved over the past decade. Researchers continue to hone in on brain changes and the relationship to the development of chronic pain, called “centralization of pain.” While looking for scientific approaches to develop effective medications is still relevant, a continued investigation on brain alterations seems to be a promising approach to improve chronic pan treatment.
4 Things to Know About Chronic Pain
By Administrator on Aug 25, 2014. Comments (0)
The information you receive at a doctor’s appointment will be different from the information the next patient receives from your doctor. That’s obvious, right? While each patient’s chronic pain diagnosis differs, some advice and tools will roll over from patient to patient. That is, there are some things that all chronic pain sufferers should know about chronic pain in general.
The Pain Center of Arizona Opens Tempe Location
By Administrator on Aug 25, 2014. Comments (0)
The Pain Center of Arizona, the Southwest’s leading pain management group, is relocating its Mesa location to Tempe. Toure Knighton, M.D. will be the provider at the new Tempe location and will be offering the same level of medical excellence that is standard at any Pain Center of Arizona location.
Cancer Treatment Prompts Chronic Pain
By Administrator on Aug 21, 2014. Comments (0)
A cancer diagnosis is daunting in itself—not to mention the subsequent and ongoing treatment. For patients who undergo radiation or chemotherapy, one downside is often coupled with the heroic feat: pain. More cancer patients are survivors or living longer, making the need for chronic pain management more important than ever. At The Pain Center of Arizona, our board certified pain specialists offer an array of comprehensive and multidisciplinary pain management programs for cancer patients.