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Current Research in Chronic Pain Treatment
By Administrator on Aug 27, 2014. Comments (0)
Chronic pain treatments have undoubtedly evolved over the past decade. Researchers continue to hone in on brain changes and the relationship to the development of chronic pain, called “centralization of pain.” While looking for scientific approaches to develop effective medications is still relevant, a continued investigation on brain alterations seems to be a promising approach to improve chronic pan treatment.
4 Things to Know About Chronic Pain
By Administrator on Aug 25, 2014. Comments (0)
The information you receive at a doctor’s appointment will be different from the information the next patient receives from your doctor. That’s obvious, right? While each patient’s chronic pain diagnosis differs, some advice and tools will roll over from patient to patient. That is, there are some things that all chronic pain sufferers should know about chronic pain in general.
The Pain Center of Arizona Opens Tempe Location
By Administrator on Aug 25, 2014. Comments (0)
The Pain Center of Arizona, the Southwest’s leading pain management group, is relocating its Mesa location to Tempe. Toure Knighton, M.D. will be the provider at the new Tempe location and will be offering the same level of medical excellence that is standard at any Pain Center of Arizona location.
Cancer Treatment Prompts Chronic Pain
By Administrator on Aug 21, 2014. Comments (0)
A cancer diagnosis is daunting in itself—not to mention the subsequent and ongoing treatment. For patients who undergo radiation or chemotherapy, one downside is often coupled with the heroic feat: pain. More cancer patients are survivors or living longer, making the need for chronic pain management more important than ever. At The Pain Center of Arizona, our board certified pain specialists offer an array of comprehensive and multidisciplinary pain management programs for cancer patients.
Increased Exercise, Decreased Migraines
By Administrator on Aug 18, 2014. Comments (0)
Back pain, a headache, and a stomachache can certainly leave anyone out of physical commission until relief is eventually achieved. Exercise, let alone getting out of bed in the morning, is often perceived as a pain trigger for whatever health decline you are dealing with. However, growing research suggests that light exercise can be therapeutic for people suffering with migraines.
Chronic Overuse Sports Injuries
By Administrator on Aug 13, 2014. Comments (0)
Chronic pains or aches are the result of the use and trauma of joints and bones over a long span of time. Symptoms can start small, but usually worsen and have a tendency to linger.
What Can TENS Unit Do For You?
By Administrator on Aug 11, 2014. Comments (0)
Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is a therapeutic option for pain management. TENS units are typically battery powered and is a process in which low voltages of electrical current to the skin. There are multiple levels of intensity depending on the area administered to and severity of pain. TENS is usually applied to the areas of pain or pressure points because of its ability to move with the nerve fibers.
Eliminating Sugar & Other Dietary Choices To Reduce Pain
By Administrator on Aug 06, 2014. Comments (0)
Getting to the root cause of your chronic pain is the goal for all of our providers at The Pain Center of Arizona. We know the desolation that a chronic pain diagnosis can bring to patients, often leaving them drained of energy, joy, and hope. We believe in addressing all aspects of a patient’s condition, including finding a permanent solution to managing unrelenting pain and addressing the cause head on.
Childhood Migraines and Colic
By Administrator on Jul 30, 2014. Comments (0)
Colic is a condition typically seen in babies anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 months and is an overarching term for babies that cry often. More specifically, babies that cry for more than 3 hours a day are considered colicky.
Headache Sufferers Get Brain Scans
By Administrator on Jul 28, 2014. Comments (0)
For every eight patients that visit a doctor for headache related issues, at least one of them results in a brain scan. According to a study performed by University of Michigan Medical School, this frequency of brain scans has an estimated total cost of $1 billion per year.