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Just Because You Can't See It, Doesn't Mean Isn't There: Fibromyalgia
By Administrator on Jul 23, 2014. Comments (0)
It can be a slightly alarming when a physician is unable to identify your source of pain. However, it is common that pain specialists cannot determine where a patient’s pain stems from. For most cases, the reason will be a fibromyalgia diagnosis. As one of the most common musculoskeletal and pain conditions in the world, fibromyalgia affects over 10 million Americans.
Migraine Attacks After Stressful Events
By Administrator on Jul 21, 2014. Comments (0)
Believe it or not, stress is a healthy thing. Stress is typically associated with a change in life that makes you have to adapt to it. However, stress in excess can cause the body to start shutting down and have drastic results. There has always been a substantial relationship between stress and migraines, and by managing stress a patient can limit migraines.
New Drugs Offer Help
By Administrator on Jul 16, 2014. Comments (0)
The amounts of pharmaceuticals are constantly growing in an attempt to produce the most effective drugs for specific conditions. The Pain Center of Arizona supports research and development of pain medications in order to eventually find the most successful treatment options.
Understanding Migraines
By Administrator on Jul 14, 2014. Comments (0)
Migraines affect over 30 million people in the United States, not including those affected by headaches. More women than men deal with these pulsating headaches, which are commonly exacerbated with physical activity. Unfortunately, most people dismiss their headache pain because they think it is nothing more than a common headache. However, ignoring migraine signs could be damaging in the future, causing neurological problems for instance.
Pain Killers & Dependency
By Administrator on Jul 09, 2014. Comments (0)
In some instances, prescription painkillers are the most effective way of relieving the harsh symptoms of chronic pain. Pain medications like Hydrocodone, OxyContin, Norco, and Vicodin are all often prescribed by professionals and with the addition of even more opiates, the addiction rate has grown increasingly every year in the United States.
Don't Let Neck Pain Turn Chronic
By Administrator on Jul 07, 2014. Comments (0)
A sporadic and mild episode of neck pain is common among Americans. According to experts, 80 percent of Americans will experience back and/or neck pain within their lifetime. However, most cases of neck pain are not serious and can often be managed through nonsurgical treatments. In fact, neck pain is usually the result of poor posture or a minor sprain, having a high rate of recovery. If your neck pain becomes chronic (lasting more than 6 months), schedule an appointment with one of the esteemed physicians at The Pain Center of Arizona!
Radial Neuropathy
By Administrator on Jul 02, 2014. Comments (0)
The radial nerve is a key part of arm functioning. It is in the underside of the arm and is responsible for movement in the triceps as well as the extension of the wrist and hand. When this nerve is damaged, it is called radial neuropathy or radial nerve palsy.
Avoid Dehydration This Fourth of July
By Administrator on Jun 30, 2014. Comments (0)
The Fourth of July celebrations are in the works, many of which include excessive drinking and all day BBQs. This special day in our nation’s history is one of the most widely celebrated holidays throughout the year, and The Pain Center of Arizona wants our patients to be prepared for the repercussions of binge drinking and dehydration headaches.
How Occupational Therapy Can Reduce Your Pain
By Administrator on Jun 25, 2014. Comments (0)
Occupational therapy is an overarching term that defines the process of training patients, physically or mentally, to be able to take part in certain activities they are unable to do. Whether it is a speech impediment or a bum knee, occupational therapists have the expertise to provide a patient with substantial progress in their abilities.
Is Hypnosis a Viable Treatment for Chronic Pain?
By Administrator on Jun 18, 2014. Comments (0)
As an outsider, some may be skeptical of the validity of hypnotherapy as a chronic pain treatment option. Most chronic pain sufferers know all too well not to completely count out any possible chance of relief. Chronic pain can be extremely difficult to diagnose and narrow down an initial source of pain. The Pain Center of Arizona has years of experience treating chronic pain victims.