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Pancreatitis: An alcohol related pain problem
By Administrator on Apr 23, 2014. Comments (0)
The pancreas is responsible for producing digestive juices to break down foods, and hormones that regulate blood sugar. Located behind the stomach, the pancreas is a small organ that people often pay little attention to. Unfortunately, pancreatitis is a detrimental health problem that can be caused by alcoholism.
Acupuncture: How does it provide pain relief?
By Administrator on Apr 21, 2014. Comments (0)
Over 100 million Americans suffer with chronic pain in the United States, and is considered one of the nation’s biggest health concerns. The cost of chronic pain is even more prevalent, with more than 635 billion lost work hours attributed to pain. People will go through just about anything to relieve their pain symptoms. Your physician may recommend physical therapy, medication treatment, and sometime surgery, for example, as a way to manage pain and improve your life. However, some therapies are significantly costly, adding an even bigger burden to this growing epidemic.
Neurologic Diseases Connected to Alcoholism
By Administrator on Apr 16, 2014. Comments (0)
Excessive alcohol consumption has both long-term and short-term effects, slowly causing damage to internal organs, mental stability, and overall bodily health. Debilitating pain conditions can be greatly exacerbated from alcoholism. At The Pain Center of Arizona, our providers look to improve aspects of a patient’s health that could worsen their condition.
The Stigma of Chronic Pain
By Administrator on Apr 14, 2014. Comments (0)
A stigma is a social disapproval associated with a characteristic of a person. Common stigmas that many Americans face today include racial/ethnic identities, physical disabilities, obesity, and mental illness. In some cases, these characteristics are unchangeable, causing injustice and inequality. Many Americans also face the stigma of chronic pain. Some people judge a person’s coping skills or inability to work, calling these sufferers whiners and lazy.
Alcohol, Depression, and Pain
By Administrator on Apr 09, 2014. Comments (0)
At The Pain Center of Arizona, we understand that chronic pain is often heightened when a patient is depressed or suffers from emotional stress. Chronic pain is not only a physical symptom but also has psychological affects. When an injury, trauma, or health problem becomes chronic, the body reacts in a number of different ways including abnormalities in brain hormone, mood disorders, muscle pain, and impaired physical performance.
Snail Venom: Possible treatment for chronic pain sufferers?
By Administrator on Apr 07, 2014. Comments (0)
It is always fun when we run into an article with reports on a new and upcoming treatment for people suffering with chronic pain. From natural remedies like apple cider vinegar and raw onion, to reflexology and massage, chronic pain treatments are extensive and widely utilized. One of the most recent and most interesting treatments to make abc news is venom extracted from a cone snail, a common marine snail whose home resides on ocean floors.
Gout: An alcohol related pain condition
By Administrator on Apr 02, 2014. Comments (0)
April is Alcohol Awareness Month, a time to increase public awareness and understanding about alcoholism and alcohol-related issues. Alcoholism is a growing epidemic in the Unite States, with more and more reports of underage drinking and public health issues. Excessive alcohol intake leads to a number of debilitating health conditions that often leave individuals in a lot of pain.
Neck Pain Complications
By Administrator on Mar 31, 2014. Comments (0)
Neck pain is a common complaint among Americans. It can be the result of poor posture, trauma, and even frequent texting. People who have desk jobs will often have strained neck muscles as a result of leaning into the computer screen of hunching over their desk. At The Pain Center of Arizona, we provide patients with the best tools and treatments to relieve neck pain and stop it from causing a serious health risk.
Correctly Identify Your Knee Pain
By Administrator on Mar 26, 2014. Comments (0)
Knee pain could be the cause of a number of reasons including arthritis, gout, infections, or an injury. Minor cases of knee pain can usually be managed under self-care techniques such as medication and rest. For people who cannot find relief from their knee pain, the specialists at The Pain Center of Arizona have the best and most effective treatments to help.
Treatment Options for Spinal Stenosis
By Administrator on Mar 20, 2014. Comments (0)
Spinal stenosis is a condition that describes the narrowing of the spaces of the spine. Most often occurring in the neck and lower back, spinal stenosis can be caused by degenerative changes to the spine that often come with aging.